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Don’t Pray, If You Aren’t Ready to Act!

Simple as you have read it.

Why should you continue to pray when you aren’t ready to act?

You say; ” Let God answer first and see if I wouldn’t act…”

But Truth was like; “For how long shall God continue to beg you with the answers while you sit idle in your doubts and self-pity?”


The Question: A ‘Quest’ is On!

A question of purpose isn’t just of a mind…

A mind knotting riddle cracking the heads…

Heads as strong as the walls of a Walnut 

Not just a rhetoric left, turned

It isn’t just a thoughtful comment to applaud 


It is a ‘taughtful’ thought

With the inscription: ‘A Quest is On!’

While hearts pump with an understanding,

Let our legs not derail from the path to freedom